How WhatsApp Business App Works

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WhatsApp Business App is a completely free of cost to download for your small businesses. It is most important for your business communications in a easy way and will benefit both the consumers and the entrepreneur as well.

  • WhatsApp Business accounts can be created and operated only by legitimate businesses by using a number that is a business number. Number once registered as business number cannot be registered as a number for regular WhatsApp account.
  • As per the terms and conditions of WhatsApp Business Account, before you contact the customers you need to get their consent. Only if they share their name and number with you and also have agreed on being contacted by you on WhatsApp that is when you can approach them.
  • After you verify your legitimate WhatsApp Business account, it will display a Green Checkmark badge in the profiles. After the approval of WhatsApp on your account it will be deemed as Confirmed.
  • WhatsApp business accounts can be blocked or marked as spam by the users if they wish to stop businesses from contacting them.
  • No kind of Payment information is to shared with WhatsApp Business Account holders.
  • WhatsApp holds the authority of accessing all the conversations between the users and WhatsApp Business Account holders as and when needed.

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App monetization trends in 2018



App monetization is a process where an individual can make money with the help of a mobile app and this can be done for free.

Even without charging money can be earned.

People do not agree on paying for purchasing the app and usually prefers to opt for buying app available for free.

App Monetization is trending in the current times.

The trends that are expected to influence the way App Monetization will work in 2018 are as follows:

  • Freemium Model will be in demand
  • 2018 will welcome more advertisers
  • 2018 will change the concept of App Advertising
  • Competitors will now become a part of apps advertisement
  • There will be need of customization with effective use of customer data


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Devices that are supported and compatible with Tizen

Tizen is an open source standard based platform developed by Samsung which helps customers to seamlessly access various devices.

Tizen undertakes various functioning like requirements, gathering, identifying and facilitating service models and also overall industry marketing and education.


Some of the major devices supported by Tizen are as follows:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • Wearable
  • In-Car Infotainment
  • NetBook

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Clever makes it easy to track progress report & bring technology in classrooms



The teachers have to face lot of trouble in finding for the right resources to impart education more effectively.

That’s why Clever Institution was developed to overcome this problem and helping the teachers to meet their teaching expectations.

Clever is a portal of Education which provide various educations tools and technology to simplify the educational process.

Improvement in the Educational System one of the reason to developed Clever.

The company is made up of former educators, teachers, and technology professionals with the intention of changing the traditional classrooms concept and bringing in the best innovation.

It has made it all possible with the use of technology.

The people of Clever were well aware that their software can benefit the schools, teachers and students as well, but their biggest challenge was to explore the resources and ways of accessing the technology.

Clever made it all possible by developing and introducing new applications.

Clever is being implemented and used in more than 60,000 schools in US. More than 300 educational applications are now connected with the Ecosystem.

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Teachers and Students can work together by using this Clever Portal which has been specifically designed for teachers and students.

By using this tool, to set their short terms goals and prepare a schedule according to the priorities of fulfilling the goals. Also, easy to use progress report on its portal to fulfil the needs and wants of the parents.

Clever researched and analysed that even Parents are in need of progressing report of their child so as to keep a track of their child’s performance.

Teachers set goals for the students which are being checked upon by the students. Students then try achieving those goals.

Teachers get to see the progress of the students in each segment with the help of progress charts.

This helps them to determine the areas where a student needs to improve or work harder.

It enables teachers and parents to know how much time a respective kid has spent on the digital learning programs and also they can get a detailed idea of their progress in respect to the digital program they have been using.



Best fundraising techniques for digital tech startups


For every Business, you need to funds for kick your business startup.

The fund is the main problem which is facing many of interpreter. Lack of funds might put some of them in the dilemma of when to start the business.

There are various strategies to pitch in front of an investor for your business startup available to funds raising from the market. Also, many funding opportunities are there outside to give a boost up your business.

But careful to take decisions in choosing whom to get finances from. Getting finances from the wrong person or organization can highly impact your startup.

Below are the best options available to raise fund for Digital Tech Startups :

► Crowdfunding

► Apply for Small Business Loan

► Venture Capitalist

► Credit Cards

► Network as much as you can

► Approaching your known ones

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WhatsApp for Business – Now officially launched for selected markets


WhatsApp Messaging app has now dived into a business app but only for selected markets.

WhatsApp has officially launched as a WhatsApp business app in India, Indonesia, Mexico, UK, Italy, US and other few countries.

This WhatsApp for Business app will be free to download and easily available on Google Play.

This app has been developed highly focusing on customers of a respective business.

Business will be charged quite high for the advanced tools which will help them communicate with their customers more effectively.

WhatsApp business app has got various business profiles in it that can be an aid to the customers in getting useful information like contact details, business description, email details, store addresses, easy access to the website and so on.

To ensure prompt revert to the customers, the app is also featured with quick reply option which enables fast replies to the questions or queries raised by a customers.

This app is called to be the WhatsApp version of a Facebook page.

When the company announced its arrival, may businesses willingly approached to get registered. As a part of WhatsApp Business Pilot Program it started verifying the business accounts for registration.

On the completion of the verification approved ones got a checkmark of verified business that acted as a means of demonstrating their authenticity.

This app is also proven to be beneficial for the business, as they get an access to the statistics that gives simple metrics stating number of messages read by the customer which then helps them to identify what works and what does not.

On confirmation of the account number of the business, it will then be same just like the business phone number.

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People can get all these facilities on the WhatsApp app available on their phones, they do not need to download new app.

On the other hand, the business firms will be able to contact only those customers who have given them their numbers and also have agreed on receiving business messages from them.

Customers can message to business the same way it is done now and they can get control over their experiences by blocking the number or reporting spam against some business they think are fake profiles.

Business WhatsApp is also expected to get associated with the enterprise solutions that are more focused on large business with global customer bases like e-commerce sites, banks or airlines.

Even in India the collaboration has initiated with online ticketing platform named as BookMyShow in September 2017.

This made BookMyShow the first Indian Online Ticketing brand to participate in the WhatsApp business Pilot programs.

As per a research conducted by WhatsApp business, it was stated that 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil needs WhatsApp as it makes the communication with the customers easy and quick.

Various Indian start-ups were also a part of WhatsApp Business Pilot. The trial has also taken place with Dutch Airline KLM and Itau bank in Brazil.

All the current features will still remain free for a long period of time, charges will be taken for additional capabilities in near future. This app will also support other platforms in the future.

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Increase Customer Loyalty with your branded mobile app


Customers Loyalty needs to be considered as a priority for any business to develop and grow. Especially the existing customers play a significant role as its quiet easier for us to target our existing customers.

The efforts in converting a new customer into sales is not an easy task, but on the other hand converting an existing client and selling new product to them is far easier.

A research conducted stated that existing customers increases 70% sales of the business. Considering the statistics many businesses started adapted and planning strategies and techniques to increase their customer loyalty which will bring the customers back and avail the benefits of the new services.

Digital landscape is gaining much popularity these days which will help your customer and business to make themselves familiar with the mobile revolution technology.

  • Develop an Informative Product
  • Showcase the blend of Real World and the Virtual Reality
  • Customize the App
  • Focus on the acceptance of iBeacon Applications
  • Live up to your Commitments
  • Partnering Social Media with Mobile
  • Offer Incentives