Crypto Currency – A new trend in digital (virtual) currency


Since the introduction of Crypto Currency in this Digital World, it has been gaining much popularity among-st the people, as now all of them have started understanding the use and purpose of Crypto Currency.

Crypto Current is a new revolution in our technological field. It is a form of digital money and has got some values with it. Crypto currency was designed with the purpose of serving the society with a unit that can be used for the exchange purpose without relying on the banks.

Cryptocurrency is basically a medium of exchange like other normal currencies, but it has been designed with the purpose of exchanging digital information which follows a process of cryptography. Cryptography is for securing the transactions in order to gain the control over the new coins. First cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin in the year 2009. After that hundreds of crypto currencies have been launched.

Using the decentralised technology cryptocurrencies ensure secure payments for the users which can even be done without their name or routing it through the bank. Block chain is the distributed public ledger which is being used to run the cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is basically the record of all the transactions held by the currency holders.

Mining is the process which helps in the creation of cryptocurrency. In order to solve the maths problem, Mining uses the computer. Using the cryptographic wallet users can even store the currencies bought from the brokers.

The most common types of Cryptocurrencies are as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Dogecoin
  • Namecoin
  • peercoin

Cryptocurrency has proven to be quite beneficial for the digital world, some of its benefits are as follows:

1. There are no chances of fraud.

2. You can send money in any corner of the world

3. The fees charged for the service is very less compared to the other such services.

4. It is accessible by all the people easily and can be used even by the ones who do not access modern banking system.

5. It will enable immediate settlement.

6. It leads to decentralization.

7. It is being recognised at universal level

8. It ensures faster and cheaper bank transfers.

9. It is a boost to global remittances.

10. Loosening of Government Current Monopolies

The most common form of Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which was invented in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Followed by the introduction of Bitcoin, bitcoin software was introduced in the year 2009. With the increasing trend of crypto currency for the coming years, the process of mining became more difficult on the other hand the value of bitcoin kept on increasing steadily. 2011 was the year of success for bitcoin when the people actually started noticing the existence of bitcoin. With the increasing demand, several new exchanges were introduced to meet the demand.

Bitcoins have got several advantages some of which are as follows:

✔ Bitcoins let you hold your own coins

✔ Bitcoins takes minutes rather than days for money exchange

✔ The fees charged by bitcoin is less when compared to other such service providers

✔ Bitcoin provides protection against the inflation

✔ It also helps in the elimination of the chargebacks

✔ Because of decentralization it turns out to be independent of Government boundations.


Bitcoin has crossed 5000 USD and Reaches a new height


The news which is running high these days says, Bitcoin has crossed 5000 USD and has established a new height in the market. Prices have increased tremendously from 4900 USD to over 5800 USD in the unbelievable time gap of just one day. Bitcoin was in its worse condition when it had to face a low of around 3000 USD which was due to the withdrawal of China on the cryptocurrency exchange.

But Bitcoin somehow managed to get back its value and gain recognition in the market again. Bitcoin bounced back with a new high. Bitcoin has gained an excess of 400 % in the year 2017, due to which Year 2017 has proven to be the Bitcoin’s best performing year since 2013.

Bitcoin Reaches the New Mark

China stated that Bitcoin is lacking a legal foundation which leads them to withdraw from Bitcoin Trading.  China created a major market for Bitcoin, to put down in number 10% of the Bitcoin trading activity was being held in China. Considering the proportion of uncertainty on the higher end, China withdrew from Bitcoin trading which has negatively impacted the market of Bitcoin.

The withdrawal of China in Bitcoin Trading made even the others traders doubt on the currency which has made many of them believe that Bitcoin is a legitimate currency. Due to China’s withdrawal Japanese trading volume also affected 60% of all the bitcoin trading volume. Since then the idea of Bitcoin turned to be baseless.

Despite of all the hurdles, Bitcoin managed to sustain in the market and after such huge falls, today Bitcoin stands at a value of more than 5000 USD. China’s bitcoing investors will not be suffering as they will now have to trade Bitcoin over the counter which will take more of their time and will require a lot of patience.

The idea of stateless currency was actually started in the past. In the year 1940, John Maynard Keynes proclaimed the concept of international currency. In the year 2007, Satoshi Nakamoto started working on the Bitcoin concept.

On August 18,2008 Bitcoin.org was born with the registration of the Domain. On October 31,2008 Nakamoto published a design paper that was used for the description of Bitcoin currency inorder to avoid the replicate of the currency. Bitcoin has een used with a purpose of simplifying the transactions between the individual and the firms replacing the governments and the banks.

Bitcoin has been used negatively too. One of the cases that turned out to be the worst of all was the use of Bitcoin for exchange transactions of Silk Road website who was indulged in the business of selling drugs. Tech Savvy investors started using Bitcoin for investment purposes too.

WebSite Design & Development Services

Importance of Golden Ratio in Web Design

Golden ratio in simple terms can be defined as the mathematical constant appearing on regular basis in nature and art work. Golden Ratio is well known by many names like Golden Rectangle, Section, Divine, and Ratio. It is called to be special as its occurrence takes place in the nature without intervention.

Golden Ratio can be used by the web designer in setting up the elements of the given webpage of the site in order to use golden rectangles.

Golden ratio and it’s relation with Web & UI Design

Golden Ratio can be effectively used in website or logo, so why can it be used in User Interface? Logos Golden Ratio is more often used by many of the designers to design their logos.

With the Golden Ratio being flexible, you can use it to make design layouts even without fixing the numbers.




Importance of SEO in building a web presence

SEO in this digital marketing is extremely important to be taken into consideration by all the marketers. Understanding what exactly SEO is will make you aware with the potential SEO has of increasing and developing your business in just the right way.

SEO is often misunderstood by many of the marketers which have lead to the devaluation of SEO in the digital World. The actual case is different but, SEO is one of the most viable and trusted element to build a strong online presence in the market.


Research stated that SEO has got much more potential of getting better ROI than the traditional methods of marketing. It ensures to provide Business Visibility, branding, web traffic, credibility, increased ROI.

Let’s first understand what exactly SEO is?

SEO is a set of rules that the marketers who owns the website needs to take care of. Following the set of rules will help in the right optimization of the website for search engines and will also improve the search engine results.

Not only this, it also enhances the leads to the development of user-friendly and an easy to navigate website which ultimately increases the quality of the website. To help clear your dilemma of how SEO can lead your business to an increased online presence developing your business, below given are its importance:

► Drive Right kind of Traffic

SEO helps in driving the right kind of traffic to your website. It helps in attracting the potential buyers for your website. It gives you accurate knowledge of the demographics and psychographics of the buyers and also makes you aware with the problems they must be facing. This will help you frame your strategy accordingly and drive all those buyers to your website.

► Serves you with Business Credibility

Buyers often associate the credibility of the business with the visibility of the business on the search results. As per the buyers the best businessmen are those who are visible on the first page of search result. Due to this low ranking website despite of offering quality services fails to attract the potential buyers. Taking this into the consideration, SEO helps in increasing the SERP ranking which is sure to affect your online presence positively.

► Good for Social Promotion

SEO is extremely effective for Social Promotion of your website. It attracts the buyers to search for your website on Google and Yahoo. Post this they promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

► Long Lasting Results

The results of SEO are not short term. It lasts for long and delivers ongoing marketing benefits to your business for a longer term. SEO increases your online visibility not only for initial term, but it ensures to maintain the high ranking in the search engine for quite a long time.

► SEO wins half the battle before it even starts

SEO is popular as inbound marketing strategy. It gives you complete insight of your customers and helps in tracking the right traffic, which then helps you to market your products to those buyers who are actually looking for it. There is not need of convincing the buyers to buy a particular product, only thing you need to do is convincing them to buy from your business by ensuring satisfactory online presence.

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5th Anniversary Celebration of WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

5th year anniversary of WeeTech Solution

An Anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of todaythe memories of yesterday, and the hopes of Tomorrow.

Now it’s time for Celebration….!!!!

It was great excitement & pleasure to celebrate 5th year anniversary of WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd.

The remarkable success which is reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and passion of WeeTech team. We are grateful to all team member for their endowment to the event.

And the last but not the list we celebrate anniversary with Cake cutting and take launch with guests and WeeTech team

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Increase Customer Loyalty with your branded mobile app

Customers Loyalty needs to be considered as a priority for any business to develop and grow. Especially the existing customers play a significant role as its quiet easier for us to target our existing customers.


The efforts in converting a new customer into sales is not an easy task, but on the other hand converting an existing client and selling new product to them is far easier.

A research conducted stated that existing customers increases 70% sales of the business. Considering the statistics many businesses started adapted and planning strategies and techniques to increase their customer loyalty which will bring the customers back and avail the benefits of the new services.

Digital landscape is gaining much popularity these days which will help your customer and business to make themselves familiar with the mobile revolution technology.

  1. Develop an Informative Product
  2. Showcase the blend of Real World and the Virtual Reality
  3. Customize the App
  4. Focus on the acceptance of iBeacon Applications
  5. Live up to your Commitments
  6. Partnering Social Media with Mobile
  7. Offer Incentives

Best mobile marketing strategies


Mobile marketing can be very well defined as a method of popularizing your products on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or PDA’S that are wireless. There are various sources of advertising like text ads, SMS or even the banner advertisements.

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Now a days mobile phone has become not only a necessity of our lives but is in trend now. Every individual has a mobile phone.

With such rapid increase in usage of phones, the investment on mobile advertisement is also increasing at a rapid pace.

To sustain in the market and the existing competition and to make people aware of your existence it is essentially important to show your presence in the market and that can be best done by the mobile advertisement.

Following the below stated mobile advertisement strategies is sure to make create your presence in the Digital World

  • Content Management:
  • Make a Mobile Friendly Website:
  • Know more about your Target Audience:
  • Use Video Streaming:
  • Set your target market:
  • Utilise micro-moments:
  • Message Extensions: